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Suggestion: Make upload folder a global constant
  • Vote Up0Vote Down bryanbryan
    Posts: 5Sendy user

    Some deployment systems will upload and symlink when updating an web application. This has many advantages (rollback, etc) but the drawback of not allowing persistant storage inside the web root. For the most part, Sendy is compatible with this approach, but a notable exception: the /upload/ folder. Because it is inside the web root, it also is a potential security hazard.

    I would recommend making a UPLOAD_PATH and placing it in the config.php folder, which would allow me to place the upload directory anywhere I want without having to modify your source files. I've made this modification myself, and it actually reduces a fair amount of duplicate logic.

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down rayholtrayholt
    Posts: 4Sendy user

    I agree 100% ... I just upgraded to v2, but I still have v1 running since I did some custom modifications to the source files and haven't had a chance to migrate the changes over. I have my installation in a directory /v2 and the old one still /v1 and would have no problem running them both simultaneously, except that the upload folder would be out of sync. If there was a global constant I could have the upload folder reside in the same place for both installs.