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Opening subscribe success with new tab

edited March 2013 in Questions

Hey guys,

On my client's site, the opt-in popup appears on a page with search results. Since the opt-in form submission causes the current search results page to go directly to the success page, their search results are lost in the process.

It's a simple thing, but getting those results is the primary function of the website so it's important to be able to retain them after opting-in.

If I were able to make the success page open in a new tab or perhaps make it appear in an alert box of some kind then this wouldn't be an issue. Or maybe there's a way to refresh the page after the opt-in form submission?

Thanks to all who reply,



  • Hi @zmorrisj,

    For special functionalities like this, I would suggest creating your own opt-in form using Sendy's API This way you will have full control over how things work.


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