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  • Ben December 2016
Self hosted apps for scrubbing lists and removing bounces?
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    I've seen quite a few recommendations for sites offering these services at varying rates, but am really interested to know if there are any local desktop or server hosted apps for scrubbing lists and eliminating bounces. My Google searches have been rather fruitless as they're dominated by the aforementioned services and the few apps I've rooted out seem to be focused on removing duplicates and not identifying the bunk addresses that result in excessive bounces and a nastygram from Amazon.

    I'm obviously trying to find a way to do this cheaper for multiple clients with multiple lists every month as they add subscribers than what the services provide, so any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    List scrubbing tools (at least those I've ever came across) are all ‘hosted’ solutions, I’ve yet to find a ’self hosted’ one.

    The following are a list of a few of them, I personally use and it did a great job in removing invalid emails that will cause bounces.


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