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How do I schedule when my newsletter is to be sent?
  • There is a closed thread here that describes where the link to schedule a send is located:

    However, I see no "Schedule this campaign?" link below the "Send" button... is there something I need to do for customization to make that link appear? Here is what I see:


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    The reason why you don't see the scheduling options is because you are logged in as a 'Brand user'. You must login as the 'Main account user' of Sendy.

    The 'Main account' user's email and password is what you set when you first installed Sendy. If you need to recall your main account's login email address, login to your MySQL database via phpmyadmin or similar. Go to the login table, the value of the username column in the first row is your main account login email address. You can also reset the password to '12345678' by changing the value of the password column to the following value:



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  • Yup I figured that out about 15min agfter I submitted this post, but it was too late to edit it ;) I had logged in as a test user to see the POV of that user's acct, but when I tried to send as admin I saw the cron needed to be setup for it to work. All good now :)

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