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  • Ben January 2017
Using Amazon SES to test for bounces
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    use case: we collect mail list emails in our brick and mortar shop and they are sometimes hard to read and thus entered as invalid email addresses. Would like sendy (or AWS) to send an email notification to a staff member email notifying that a just added subscriber email bounced. Is there a way to set that up?

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    Sendy or Amazon SES does not and cannot be used to test for invalid emails that cause 'hard bounces'. Yes Amazon SES notifies Sendy whenever an email address 'hard bounced' when you send a campaign, but if Sendy uses this feature to "test" for hard bounces, your Amazon SES account will be suspended due to 'high bounce rates'.

    I suggest using one of the following online tools to scrub your list clean of invalid emails that'll cause high bounce rates before sending a campaign if you are worried about invalid emails that will cause high bounce rates:

    I personally use


    Best regards,

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