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Unable to add some email addresses in our list
  • Could you please tell me why I can not add my email address and some other email addresses in our emails list on Sendy. We have bought and installed the program a few months ago, I don't know exactly which version we are using.

    And what can we do in order to add this emails.

    Thank you.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,606Sendy support


    Use the 'Search all lists' in the 'View all lists' page.

    Example screenshot:

    Then search for the email address you mentioned you can't add. See if it was 'Unsubscribed', 'Bounced', 'Marked as spam' in any other list. If it is, then that's the reason why you can't re-add that email address.


    Best regards,

  • Hi Ben, It is ok now. It was still in another list as bounced. I have deleted the address from that list and after I have added the email in my newsletter list. Thank you for your support,

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