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SMTP on GoDaddy shared hosting
  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    So I'm trying to get Sendy set up to send via SendGrid. Understand I need to remove all SES credentials, add the SendGrid SMTP credentials, and when Sendy sees SES info missing, it falls bakc to trying to sen via SMTP. What it's doing is falling back even further to local PHP/sendmail. Is there any logging that can be enabled via editing PHP files or db settings (or are there operational logs dumping out somewhere that I'm missing). I'm on GoDaddy shared Unix hosting. I can see all my GETs and POSTs in the Apache log, but that's about it.

    And, besides a possibility of verbose logging, is there any way to troubleshoot what's going on SMTP-wise? One step I'm trying to do now is to test SMTP connectivity via telnet out of the shared space to SendGrid but looks like that access might take some time to get set up with GoDaddy. Will be able to test this from my local PC this weekend but that would only show me pure id/pw issues vs. anything deeper out of the host/Sendy.


  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    So I successfully connected via telnet from home (not where I'm hosting Sendy), and using (only change was "data" needs to capitalized to "DATA" for anyone following along), got to the end "Delivery in progress", but no email received (and my email counter on SendGrid did not increment- going to follow up with their tech support). This is real basic and should work without a hitch (Ben- I realize this is quickly going off topic so I'll bring it back and change it to...)- has anyone successfully sent via SendGrid, and where there any peculiarities in the set up?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    Take that back, it does work over telnet (unencrypted over port 587)- it was just very fickle with spacing. But the question still stands- anyone successfully using SendGrid?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    Trying both TLS on 587 and SSL on 465 out of Sendy- no luck yet (GoDaddy SendMail might have stopped working for me, not receiving anything at all). But SendGrid reports/counter is showing nothing, so think I'm still falling back to PHP/SendMail)- sending a test email tells me "Email has been sent!" and sending a live email shows it to be successful as well.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,667Sendy support

    Hi @texasjohn,

    GoDaddy does not let you send emails via external SMTP on a shared hosting plan.

    Here's GoDaddy's own words:

    We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience, however, due to security reasons, we are not able to allow the use of external SMTP servers in a shared hosting environment. If you need additional SMTP relays, you would need to consider a virtual dedicated or dedicated server.




  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    Well, that settles that- appreciate you digging that up!

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