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Best EC2 Instance for Sendy
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSteve
    Posts: 16Sendy user

    Hi Ben,

    In your experience, which type of EC2 instance is best suited for sendy? Normal? High cpu? High memory? EBS Optimized?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down ParkerParker
    Posts: 7Sendy user

    I run Sendy on a Micro instance which shares a company site and a blog. It's just fine.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,544Sendy support

    Hi Steve,

    Bulk email applications needs sufficient CPU and memory during sending. I wouldn't say one is more important than the other.

    Choosing the right instance depends on the volume of emails you need to manage or send. The best way is to 'trial and error' until you get the instance you're happiest with. Of course, some common sense is needed, eg. if you have 1,000,000 emails, don't start with a micro server. :)


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