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Search an address in all lists

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Sometimes I had requests of unsubscribe from people is not able to click a link, so I had to search for their email in the database. I'll appreciate an option to search between all lists.
ciao forum!


  • I also need this. I have many lists and often people ask to be taken off and we have to do it manually. Also if a subscriber turns into a client I want to take them off my emailing lists and put them onto a client list etc. A global search would be useful.

  • yeah... I vote for this as well... we do a lot of manual unsubscribes... ( my unsub system is broken... different post for that )

  • I vote for this, too. I just had a subscriber who said he received my mail twice, to two different names. So it would be nice to be able to search in one place instead of going through 30 lists.

  • I vote for this as well.

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    As you saw from my other post, you may imagine that my client who has close to 100 lists is pushing me pretty hard about this feature. Is this something you plan on integrating and if so what is the time line?

    I may have to put together an external tool so that they can search.

  • +1 from me - I've needed this twice in the last two days. Currently resorting to looking directly at the database with SQL!

  • right +1 from me too

  • +1 here for this feature

    • 1 for this feature
  • +1 from me, this would be really useful!

  • +1 Ben, it would still be useful to me

  • Yes, very useful... I thought it would have been added by now??? Any idea when it will be added?

  • +1 from me too.

  • +1 to this!

  • A year later...has this been added?

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    Hi guys,
    I've made a search function that searches globally within a specific brand. I'll probaly only release this one version unless something is completely wrong. I've done some testing and it seems to work pretty well. Let me know if you find any issues.

    It's simply based upon the original search script within lists with only smaller modifications.


    1) Extract the files in the ZIP file.

    2) Upload the files into your Sendy folder (sendy root!).

    Please note that sidebar.php is overridden. If your sidebar menu is custom, simply add:

    <?php require_once ('globalsearch/sidebar.php'); ?>

    in includes/sidebar.php

    Where ever you find fitting. It has to be within a <ul>-tag. Otherwise it won't look decent.


    Let me know if you find anything wrong with it!

    EDIT(09/06/2014-12:11): Fixed export. Same file.

  • Strange, all I get is a blank page when I search? The Global Search page displays all lists info, and a Search box, but if I fill that box, or leave it empty, and hit Search, I get an empty page? Here's the call it's making:

    Any ideas?

  • has anybody implemented this successfully? I really need it too!

  • adavila78, In the current version of Sendy, this feature is already available.

  • Yes this feature is already available since version 2.0.

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