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Flecha ListCleaner Sendy Mod updated
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSRSSteveSRS
    Posts: 28Sendy user


    I've updated the listCleaner MOD I made for latest version (v2.1.2.7).

    Video of the mod in action:
    The link:

    Some other features I really really want and IF I have time (or get some monetary incentive) think of adding:

    • integration with a spinner to spin subject /content of an email to increase delivery rate
    • Segmentation (so e.g. user A opens email you sent and gave that email a tag 'snowboarding' - this tells the system this user is interested in 'snowboarding'. Which then later can be used to segment your lists and target all people form who you know have interest in snowboarding.)


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  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSRSSteveSRS
    Posts: 28Sendy user

    oh and another good idea: sending in batches. So even if your list is 10K big.. a setting that allows you to send messages in batches of say 1K 10 times on different times (possibly with different subjects)

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