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  • Ben April 2017
Does using a different email address with each send improve open rates?
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    When I send a newsletter to our mailing list I get an open rate of 60% max. Then I get personal emails from those that never received the newsletter "where is your newsletter!?"

    I am trying to fix my inbox delivery rate. Does using a different email address with each send improve inbox delivery? I test all my newsletters on Gmail to ensure it does not go to the Promotions tab. Our emails are short, 1-2 links, 1-2 images at most. It passes all tests, yet open rate is still 60% and the 40% that don't receive the emails complain.

    Does anyone have suggestions or ideas? I am thinking of changing the from address with each newsletter could help. I noticed sometimes MailChimp does that. Thoughts would be appreciated.

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    60% is already an extremely high open rate. The industry standard for open rates are between 20 to 30%. For example, see this benchmark report ? If you get more than 30% open rates, then your open rate is already superb.

    Please note that it is impossible to get 100% open rate. Opens tracking requires that the recipient's email client to have 'images turned on'. Not all recipients have 'images turned on' when viewing your email.


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