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  • Ben April 2017
Question with cron job and scheduled.php script
  • Hi there, installed Sendy over a week ago sent a few campaigns, but have come across an issue.

    I set up the CronJob for the scheduled.php fine - it calls every 5 minutes successfully but when it does run it only sends a few emails on each "call" of the php script. Meaning it is taking forever to send a campaign (less than 200 emails sent an hour).

    I've tried a few things, but I think the CronJob is behaving similarly to when I've tried manually calling the scheduled.php URL in my browser. What happens is it "loads" almost instantly on the first try and in my Sendy tab I can see roughly 1-2 seconds worth of emails send (which is currently 14 per second)

    However if I hit refresh a few times on the scheduled.php the browser will randomly "load" the page for a long time - if I change tab back to my Sendy account I can now see it is there happily firing off emails for as long as the scheduled.php is "loading" in the other tab, which helps it send out a few hundred email.

    Anyone else had this or know what is going on? I'd rather not have to manually call the php script multiple times to make sure the campaign actually goes out - and I'm sure this isn't right!


    PS - my autoresponder.php is working fine.

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    I highly suggest not executing the scheduled.php script manually in the browser otherwise you will have issues, it is not meant to be executed manually in the browser. The scheduled.php script is supposed to be executed by the cron job. The cron job needs to be setup to run the script every 5 minutes. The cron job setup instructions can be found at the 'Define recipients' page, once you setup your cron job correctly, the instructions will no longer appear on that page.

    Also, if you don't want sending to keep timing out, consider upgrading to a VPS server. Sendy only runs as well as the server it is installed on. To learn about sending speed, please see →


    Best regards,

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