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  • Ben April 2013
Segment Subscribers By Actions
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    I can produce a http post via my ESP to send each time a subscriber opens or clicks an email. What I'd like to do is post to Sendy each time this happens, and segment the user who took the action to another list so that I can find out who is opening/clicking my emails. Is that possible?

    Or... if the http post isn't necessary, is there a way to accomplish this automatically - or even manually - out of the box?

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    Posts: 3,549Sendy support


    You can send the HTTP POST to Sendy via the subscribe and/or unsubscribe API.

    For example, POST to the subscribe API to subscribe the user who clicked/opened to a list of your choice. If you'd also like to unsubscribe the user from an existing list, POST to the unsubscribe API as well.



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