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99% of spam complaints I get are from yahoo users
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sosaysjaysosaysjay
    Posts: 11Sendy user

    Any one else noticing most of their spam complaints come from yahoo users?

    That is my experience.

    Seems fishy to me.

    I don't use double opt-in (don't find I have any alarming issues with non-yahoo people) so I either find a way to disallow yahoo email sign ups completely, or somehow require yahoo signs up to double opt-in (but stick to single opt-in for every one else?)

    Any thoughts or similar observations from others?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down freebiemomfreebiemom
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    For us most of them are from yahoo and AOL. I use double opt-in

  • Vote Up0Vote Down LaunchMoxieLaunchMoxie
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    Agreed. Most of ours are Yahoo, AOL, and Comcast in that order...and despite double-optin (which we use). It seems like Yahoo is sending emails to spam when they come from any bulk email server.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down sosaysjaysosaysjay
    Posts: 11Sendy user

    My understanding is that in order to receive a spam complaint, the user must explictly click/mark the email as "spam"

    If I check my list inside the Sendy dashboard, and click to view only the "Marked as spam" column, the last 60 spam complaints is made up of 53 yahoo email accounts, with the remaining 7 going to gmail, aol, and 1 or 2 private accounts.

    I find it hard to believe that so many yahoo users are clicking "spam" while all other email providers comprise of users who don't.

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