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  • Ben July 2017
Sending rate and first mailing
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    Thank you for Sendy, Im really excited to using it :)

    On our first mailing we would like to send at a really slow rate, or send the first 1000, then 2nd 1000, etc after periods of time. The mailing list are customers, but even though they've subscribed to the newsletter for the last several years, the client has not sent any, but is now ready to do so. Since many of these are old addresses, Im concerned that when she sends them all out all at once, there will be a lot of bounces and potentially unsubscribes which is going to really hurt her Amazon sending reputation. Do you have advice on how to handle the first mailing to reduce this concern?

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    Thank you for using Sendy. :)

    The solution to handle the first mailing if you’re worried about getting very high bounce rates on your first send is to scrub the list clean using one of the following list cleaning services:

    I use ‘’ myself.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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