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Mailing not delivered after upgrade to
  • Vote Up0Vote Down ericleeericlee
    Posts: 10Sendy user

    I just upgraded from to, drafted a message, sent myself a test (it was fine), and sent out to two lists totalling 500 subscribers.
    I've done this before -- have used these lists before with Sendy. More than an hour later, it seems that no messages have been delivered.
    The report for the campaign shows no opens.
    I have not received a copy of the message (other than the test one) and I'm on the list.
    The Amazon SES management console doesn't give me a lot of user-friendly information, but it says I've sent 262 messages today out of a quota of 50,000. The 262 is probably a message I sent yesterday afternoon to my list of 259, plus a couple of tests.
    So -- what do I need to do?
    Could this be something in the upgrade?
    I simply downloaded the new files and uploaded them, as the page said ... Thanks.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,630Sendy support

    Hi Eric,

    The class (/includes/helpers/class.amazonses.php) that's part of sending had only line 69 commented out in

    Can you try uncommenting the line and send a test campaign to see if it works?



  • Vote Up0Vote Down ericleeericlee
    Posts: 10Sendy user

    That seems to have worked - thanks.

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