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Passing of locale through newsletter?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down cahueyacahueya
    Posts: 5Sendy user

    Hi! First of all, thank you for your great product!

    Now my issue:

    I am using different brands within my Sendy Installation and all of them are using different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) as required by my client, an international school.

    I've built Email Templates for them which include a link to their individual facebook page, each for every language separate.

    Now the issue is - when a email recipient clicks on the link and is not logged into facebook by current Cookie, they will end up at the facebook login dialog box but not in their appropriate language!

    So as far as I understand, Sendy passes the installed Locale within the Header of the Mails or attaches it to the Hyperlinks, but it seems like it is the locale of the admin dashboard, not the individual brand.

    Is this how it works and can I somehow make Sendy transmit the language that is wished for?

    Thank you!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,549Sendy support


    Localisation works in Sendy’s interface only, it will not work in your email newsletter “content”.

    You can create a custom field in your list and call it something like ‘Locale’. Then use the custom field in your email content, eg:[Locale,fallback=en_US]

    If the subscriber’s ‘Locale’ custom field is set as pt_BR for example, the link above will be converted into the following when they receive their email:

    if nothing is set in the subscriber’s ‘Locale’ custom field, the custom field tag will use the fallback value and become:


    Best regards,

  • Vote Up0Vote Down cahueyacahueya
    Posts: 5Sendy user

    That's great, I'll try that, thank you!

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