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Sendy works (Domain, Hosting, AWS etc.) - Except it sends no emails
  • Vote Up0Vote Down larschlarsch
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    After setting up Sendy, all seemed to work.

    Until I tried launching a few test campaigns. The test campaign only ever got delivered to my own personal email (with correct content), but no matter what other email address I added (gmail, yahoo, proton etc.), it never arrived (inbox or spam).

    AWS SES only shows the emails send to my personal email and did not count the others.

    When I deleted my personal email from the Test list, the campaign still said all were send but they were not.

    Would appreciate some expert help on how to continue and where to look for errors.

    Thanks and best

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,758Sendy support


    Are you still in Amazon SES ‘Sandbox mode’? If your Amazon SES daily sending limit is 200 emails per day, you are still in ‘Sandbox mode’.

    You'd need to move out of Amazon SES 'Sandbox mode' first before sending production emails. Otherwise you'd need to verify each and every 'To' email addresses in addition to any 'From' email addresses.

    The 'sandbox mode' error message appears almost everywhere in your Sendy installation. The Get Started Guide also has instructions to ask you to move out of sandbox mode first in Step 5.


    Best regards,

  • Vote Up0Vote Down larschlarsch
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    Hi Ben,

    Thank you for your reply.

    My account is indeed still in "Sandbox mode" and already applied for AWS to lift it.

    I noticed the same when trying to send production emails just now directly from the AWS SES console.

    I will let you know if the problem still persists once I am out of "Sandbox mode".

    Thanks and best


  • Vote Up0Vote Down larschlarsch
    Posts: 3Sendy user


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