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Need option to stop or pause sending emails



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    This still doesn't exist? Wow. Yikes. Amazon implemented a pretty cool API for managing automatic sending not to hit bounce rates and get your account suspended. Pretty key feature. Come on, Ben! Charge us extra, make it a paid add-on, whatever, make us pay first to develop it. Just don't leave us hanging.

  • +1111 on this feature that should be standard since v 1.0.

    WHY can´t this be fixed and WHY doesn´t Ben reply on this with a ETA for the fix?!

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  • Hi Ben, Is it possible to use pause 5 seconds after every mail >> sleep (5); within while loop in php script that is used for picking individual address from MySQL database and sending ?

  • Wow, nearly 6 years since this was first raised and still nothing.

    Another +1 for this feature.

  • My post will not help probably but 1+

  • I just had this happened to me! I created a campaign by mistake, I deleted it, and it still sent. Tons of angry emails because I sent the same email twice in a day. I had no clue that deleting the campaign was not enough. I could have rebooted my server. A warning message asking me to reboot the server would have been nice.

  • Still no fix.

  • +1 for this! Its a must have really

  • kindly do something for this issue asap plz

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    If you use clear-queue.php you can stop all the sending campaigns without restarting the server

  • Clear-queue.php WORKED for me in my cPanel! It stopped sending emails when I followed this video on youtube -

  • +1000. This is really important. I accidently imported a list including bounced addresses from a third party export, noticed upon send start but then it was too late. Bounce count went through the roof and I ended up having to beg the AWS team for mercy. Sure, all my fault but at that point it would have been nice to have a Pause/Stop button. Essential feature that has been in PHPList for ages. (Now, I'm just guessing that PHPList is the main competitor in low-cost mailing systems but it seems fair to compare with that.)

  • Update: I can confirm that deleting the campaign DOES NOT stop it from sending.

    Yesterday I killed 3 sending, thinking that clicking on delete, the campaing has stopped.
    Instead, i realised that I sent 3 times the same news wile also I get alerted by AWS because i had a bounced rate of %10.21 that was becasuse sending 3 times the campaign, to the same BBDD, two of then with error on the text.... It really necesary to have these option!!!


  • +1 on this one. To be honest it should be a standard feature. I've selected a segment to send a campaign, but from whatever reasons started to send to the whole list. Can't do anything right know about it. 50K customers notified with something that was not relevant to them. Not nice!

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    +1 - i agree

  • +1 Ben, I think we should have some kind of answer here. Even if it's to say that this feature is not coming or is too difficult to implements for x, y, z reasons.

  • Same here. Just had an instance where this would have been INCREDIBLY handy.

  • Agree, we need this.

  • We need this option very badly.

  • Very very bad... we just had a server reboot that somehow created a duplicate campaign going out to 20,000 people and many of them are in government and understand GDPR and UCE ;-(

    This is not a "I'd like to have" feature. This is a mandatory feature. I've used Lyris, 12ALL and many more over the past 20 years and they all allow/provide for a start feature.

    Sendy is very good, but this is a HUGE blind spot in the software.

  • Hey Ben,
    Its over 4 years i knew about Sendy and its quite disappointing that this is still an issue - however i understand that it might be extremely difficult to integrate this feature, alternatively can we have a guide on how to terminate the campaign by rebooting the server?

    At the very least, we have that in our arsenal and we can always pull the kill switch when needed.

  • Yes +1

  • +1 please add this feature

  • Please :( I need this function

  • Hey Ben.. wake up :) respond.. come on there would be some way to stop campeign ..
    Now its 8 year old problem.

    I tried:

    • disabled cron
    • run clear-queue.php

    Still campeign is being sent.

    Not sure if i delete the subscribers list?

  • Hey Ben.. wake up :) respond.. come on there would be some way to stop campaign .. Now its 8 year old problem.
    I tried: - disabled cron - run clear-queue.php
    Still campaign is being sent.
    Not sure if i delete the subscribers list?

    deleted list: still campaign showing sending and increasing sending counter :D

  • Plus one for this feature – please add this capability.

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