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Multiple administrators



  • Ive just setup and started with sendy after moving from our other email marketing system. Quite dismayed to find out I cannot have more than one administrative user and it seems no form of permissions. Single admin is a nightmare. Very surprised cannot add additional users with different roles.

  • +1 on this as well. Obviously, I can give everyone my username and password, but that seems like a recipe for future trouble.

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    A client wants to give access to their intern to setup and send emails but doesn't want to give them access to their email lists. This would be a great feature.

  • +1
    I would like to enable 2 fact auth for me and another person using my sendy installation, but I should have 2 users

  • +1

    I was loving Sendy until I found this issue, it's even worse that we have no answer as to if we can wait for this to be implemented or not...

  • I'm also a little dismayed to now find out that we can't have multiple administrator accounts... and that this has been an open request for quite some time. The absence of this stops a good tool, being a great one.

    Ben - can we at least have some idea of when this might be available to us please? And if it's not likely, at least let us know so we can stop following or posting to this forum about it?


  • Please please please... I hate having multiple people using the same user account... no accountability whatsoever.

  • I need more than one administrator account please.
    PHPList has always had this.

  • It would be very nice to be able to give my users multiple accounts. Additional administrators would be nice as well.

  • Agreed. An important feature.

  • Its Juni 2021 and state of the art to have multiple admin like PHPList has. So pls add this long awaiting feature! Thx, Martin

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