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Multiple administrators
  • We should have the ability to have multiple master administrators and multiple administrators for each brand. This is a fairly important feature to us and I'm surprised that it doesn't exist.

  • Completely agree on this !

  • Seconded, I need to give more options to my clients

  • +1, this would be super helpful!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down hamzahalihamzahali
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    What is the status of this @ben

  • +1 This would be really helpful.

    I just tried adding a user manually via sql (copying an existing user row in the login table and changing its id, name and username fields) but whilst I can log in with this new account, the trouble is that this user doesn't have any Brands associated with it which means that users cant work collaboratively on the same project, which would be the point for me. Hmm...

  • Another +1 ping for the request on multiple admins allowed for brands!

  • really need this especially if we plan on reselling sendy accounts to our customers.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down kimreshubkimreshub
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    This would be a great feature, I've been asked about it many times.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down makone4makone4
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    This has been requested as far back as 2012, with Ben saying they're working on adding it. Has this been implemented yet?

  • +1 You have my vote on this.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down hashhash
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    @ben user and going through the forums to check in and see what others are going through. Have installed Sendy and sorted Amazon limits, now ready to implement my plan of selling this on to many of my clients.

    I was just thinking how my clients would benefit from administrating their own accounts, while we just supply the service.

    @ben can you provide an update to this post, be great to know if it's on roadmap for sometime 2017?

  • Wow. Basic.

  • I just installed Sendy, and I need to have two additional admins. How do I go about this?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down agnavagnav
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    Just upgraded Sendy to latest version. Please support multiple admins feature.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down matt2matt2
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    Am I mistaken and is there really no way to have more than 1 administrator?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down hashhash
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    nope....there is no way for additional administrators apparently and support is not doing anything to add this basic functionality.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down dgtmasdgtmas
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    This is a MANDATORY feature for any Email Marketing tool. I guess the developer doesn't have the knowledge. That's why I am dropping Sendy.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down ichpenichpen
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    As a new customer I'm totally shocked this feature doesn't exist. It's extremely basic. You have partial brand segregation already, you absolutely need brand admins and super admin roles.

  • Adding a call for this. It's just common sense, especially as there's multiple brands already...

  • @ben Is there a way to get this feature now? I am having to spend a good amount of time getting reports for people who really should be able to look it up themselves. Handing out the admin password to others is a disaster waiting to happen...

  • +1 for this vital feature.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down alicamalicam
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    @ben You've been asked for this multi-user feature since 2013. I think it's fair that folks are either told it WON'T ever happen, or where it sits in your order of priorities.

    We know you're a one-man show and we know you're not getting rich off sendy, but you have loyal users here who keep asking for the same thing, and you're not even replying.

    So how about some clarity??

  • Vote Up0Vote Down colcolcolcol
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    Let me start by writing that Ben should be applauded for producing Sendy and allowing ordinary bloggers etc the chance to use Amazon SES and its cheap email -- rather than be stuck with Mailchimp etc.

    But this thread raises a good point -- Sendy is a one-man show and all the development requests just won't get done.

    It would be useful if Ben could outline what plans there are for future Sendy versions, because it is clear the software does not do everything we all want it to do.

    I've altered my Sendy slightly to add a few extra features, but I am wary of doing any extensive work because there is no indication from Ben as to what new features (if any) are in the pipeline. I don't want to implement my own changes if the very same changes are on the way.

    With this 'multiple admin' request, I think it would be helpful if Ben is given a bit more of an idea of what is needed.

    At the moment the structure is:

    • a single top-level master admin -> multiple single-brand users -> multiple lists

    It's not really clear to me from this thread what the desired user structure should be. When a client logs in, should they be able to see multiple brands they control, rather than just the one? Or is it a case of having multiple client users for a single-brand, each of whom have their own login details and who can each access the same single-brand details?

    I think if Ben had a proper 'multiple admin/brand' specification agreed among the Sendy customer base, he might then be persuaded to develop something.

    Just my 2p.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down lynnmonklynnmonk
    Posts: 11Sendy user

    I love this multple users idea as my previous software had no such feature at all and I had to do the updates for all my clients. Now at least they can each do their own. However, I'm now trying to add a new user to an existing brand and I can't figure out how to do so. Currently I'm the only user and admin for all my brands. Is it possible to add a different user to one of them, since the brands have already been created?

  • I just stumbled upon this thread through google and wanted to express my need for this feature. I'd only need the feature for multiple users on one brand but adding other brands to a user would come in handy as well. Best wishes from cologne!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down momekhmomekh
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    No, seriously, this is a super-useful feature for me. How do we do this? @Ben? 5 years in the making, this thread.... any help, outline, decision on this?

  • +1

  • Vote Up0Vote Down DingDongDingDong
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  • +1

  • any news about this ?

  • Ive just setup and started with sendy after moving from our other email marketing system. Quite dismayed to find out I cannot have more than one administrative user and it seems no form of permissions. Single admin is a nightmare. Very surprised cannot add additional users with different roles.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down adamengstadamengst
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    +1 on this as well. Obviously, I can give everyone my username and password, but that seems like a recipe for future trouble.

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    A client wants to give access to their intern to setup and send emails but doesn't want to give them access to their email lists. This would be a great feature.

  • +1 I would like to enable 2 fact auth for me and another person using my sendy installation, but I should have 2 users

  • Vote Up0Vote Down i1100ai1100a
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    I was loving Sendy until I found this issue, it's even worse that we have no answer as to if we can wait for this to be implemented or not...

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down mattapexmattapex
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    I'm also a little dismayed to now find out that we can't have multiple administrator accounts... and that this has been an open request for quite some time. The absence of this stops a good tool, being a great one.

    Ben - can we at least have some idea of when this might be available to us please? And if it's not likely, at least let us know so we can stop following or posting to this forum about it?


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    Please please please... I hate having multiple people using the same user account... no accountability whatsoever.

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    I need more than one administrator account please. PHPList has always had this.

  • +!

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    It would be very nice to be able to give my users multiple accounts. Additional administrators would be nice as well.

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    Agreed. An important feature.

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