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Reply To Email Gmail to Zapier to Sendy
  • I read a post that you can indeed capture the reply-to email from Gmail as the email.
    However, I just can't figure it out.

    Can someone please step by step how I would do this.

    Right now, my sign up form does this:

    Visitor signs up
    I get an email from: info@MyCompany
    The Reply-To Address is the CLIENTS EMAIL

    My zap right now is capturing only info@mycompany and not the reply-to email

    Thank you!

  • Anyone? Really trying to figure this out. Right now I'm basically zap'ing my own email to my list every time someone subscribes to my mailing list.

  • Nevermind! I got it :) Doh. Totally didn't read the post right. You need to add the Reply To tag into the email filed of the zap

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