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Webhook/API scripting help required

edited June 2022 in Questions

I've been reading through the various discussions on this forum about the webhook feature, specifically how you can trigger it when an autoresponder is sent. Similar to what the OP of this thread mentions:

Now, I'm not a programmer and only have basic knowledge of how scripts work, but piecing together the information from these threads gives me sort of an idea of what I need:

So, I need a script that will somehow get the subscriber's name and email address and the subject of the autoresponder email that's been sent, add in an if/then statement to make sure it's the last autoresponder in the drip campaign, and then send the email and name to the subscribe API to add the subscriber to a new list.

Then I suppose I can add another webhook to unsubscribe that same subscriber from the original list upon subscribing to the new list. (is that right? I think I read that somewhere).

I can't write this myself. Are there snippets/scripts like this available somewhere that could be adapted and combined to do what I need?

Or is there someone lurking on this forum who could create something like this for me, without breaking the bank?

Many thanks!

Ps. I signed up for zapier, but couldn't find anything like the functionality I'm looking for on there. If I've missed something and zapier can do it, please do let me know.

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