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Bounces & complaints for multiple email ids

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I need to configure multiple email id per domain. Now in set up guide it says repeat step 7 & 8. does this mean that I need to create multiple bounces for each domain or one bounce done in sns can be used for every email. Can you clarify


  • Hi @deepblue,

    You only need to create one SNS subscription each for bounces & complaints.

    For each email you want to verify, the following is taken from the Get Started Guide (last step):

    When you create a new brand, you'll be asked for a 'from email' address. Use the address you've verified in Step 6. For every new email you wish to use as the sending email address, don't forget to verify it (step 6) as well as register bounces (step 7.5 to 7.7) and complaints (step 8.5 to 8.7 & 8.9) for it.



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