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  • Ben March 2013
Cant send e-mails
  • Vote Up0Vote Down sobatasobata
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    I already did the steps and everything is okay. My amazon ses account is working fine too, cause i also have another script to send e-bulk mails in the same host, and this one is working fine. I asked to my host about the NTP, and it is working fine too.

    In my send installed says

    Verify that your AWS credentials are correct. If you're certain they're correct and are still seeing zeros in your quota, your server clock is out of sync. To fix this, Amazon requires you to sync your server clock with NTP. Request your host to do so if you're unsure.

    And also when i try send a newsletter

    says Unverified 'From email': See Step 6 of our Get Started Guide on how to verify

    But in amazon i got the email and the domain verified.

    And yet cant send.

    Dont know what i can do

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,544Sendy support

    Hi @sobata,

    I asked to my host about the NTP, and it is working fine too.

    I'm pretty sure your server's clock is out of sync (even though your host says otherwise) as you're getting the error message about your server clock being out of sync and seeing zeros for your SES quotas.

    Please request your host to sync your server clock with NTP again (it's an Amazon SES requirement), after which you can see your quotas and begin to send emails.



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