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  • Ben April 2013
Complaints vs Spam
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    Posts: 6Sendy user

    hi, this is my first time sending emails, i sent 2,500, i got cero spam, 15.5% 342 opened, 13% 337 bounced (dont know if hard or soft), not sure if this is in average good or bad, anyways, i went to amazon and i have 6 complaints, 0.25%, also received and email saying so, i already delete those 6 emails from my list, my question is, what exactly is a complaint? i tough it was when someone mark it as spam, any advise.


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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,648Sendy support

    Hi Ivan,

    Complaints = marked as spam

    Have you setup complaints SNS topics/subscriptions and apply them in Feedback Details in your verified email/domain? Please see Step 8 of Get Started Guide



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