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What hosting server do you use with Sendy?

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I'm trying to install in a shared hosting sendy but in my case I am having some problems. Ben told me about "Amazon EC2", but is a little bit complicated to set up.
I would like to know if you're using VPS hosting or shared hosting. Could anyone advise a good solution (quality/price) for VPS and/or shared hosting?

Thank you so much!




  • I highly recommend Eleven2. Best out there for price and services.

  • Hello,

    I use a VPS with Hostgator and run very well with Sendy,


    The support is excellent 24/7. I have my VPS from 2 years ago.



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    Thank you for reply!
    Maybe the first option is a little bit expensive anyway I will take a look.

  • I use Liquidweb and couldn't be happier.

  • BenBen
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    I think it's a good thread for others to learn what host people are using to host Sendy. I've just pinned this thread.

    We run Sendy on Linode server.

    Also did a lot of tests on Amazon EC2 (micro instance) and performance was great. If you're a new Amazon Web Services user, a free tier is available so you can use Amazon EC2 server free for 1 year ($0.012/hr which is around $8.7 per month thereafter). Also, you will get to enjoy Amazon SES's free tier of 62,000 emails free per month as your Sendy installation is hosted on Amazon EC2 server.

    If you need installation service, we do provide it for a $79 fee. PM or email me at for more details.

    Best regards,

  • Unless you're running a massive 5 or 6 figure list, I'd also recommend getting a free micro instance on Amazon EC2. It's free for a year for new signups and will run Sendy without issue.

    There isn't a hosting solution out there that meets or surpasses AWS in terms of price, performance, flexibility and options. Period. Nobody houses everything under one roof, nor do they do it as well. Not GoDaddy. Not HostGator. Not Rackspace. No one.

    The caveat is that you need to know how to setup a server or hire someone who does which you can do relatively inexpensively on oDesk.

  • Thank you so much! I'll take a look at these suggestions.
    Thank you Ben, I think it's important to know more solution and if sendy works properly with each server (vps or shared).

    @vincentpolisi I think that AmazonEc2 is a interesting solution but is a little bit complicated to set up.

  • Amazon EC2 Spot Instance - Bitnami LAMP Stack AMI

  • @markosana It only seems complicated because you've never done it and you are dealing with an "instance" instead of an actual dedicated server. AWS uses their own nomenclature for things that the industry does not. For example, an instance is equivalent to a VPS. You can scale as needed, up, down, across. You can have it done automatically in the event you hit the front page of Reddit and need the power and bandwidth. They can take care of your DNS, CDN, Elastic Load Balancing, MySQL databases, Sendy etc. Like many professional Internet marketers, I've made the rounds in search of the "perfect" host. AWS is by far the best I've experienced. The downside, if you want to look at it that way, is that you have to take a few moments to understand how to get things functional in their environment but this isn't really any different than going with GoDaddy, Rackspace, HostGator, etc., and being thrown into their proprietary and limiting setups and being forced to use cPanel or Plesk. With Amazon, you don't have the restrictions you do with the other providers. You need something modified to fit a particular application and you simply do it. You don't have to go through 9 levels of tech support to get PHP5 or mod_rewrite setup. You just do it. Have you ever SSH'ed into a server and/or setup a LAMP stack?

  • @markosana @vincentpolisi And you will feel a great sense of accomplishment when you successfully get everything to work. :)

  • I have unlimited hosting w hostgator, would Sendy not work with this set up? Do I need a VPS to host it? I plan on sending emails for clients. Thanks for your help.

  • @Junonino I am using Sendy on one of Hostgator's shared hosting plan and I have not encountered any problem so far. However, I have a quite small list of around 30,000 subscribers. So if your list is not that huge then I suggest that you can still go ahead with Hostgator.

  • We're running Sendy on MediaTemple's Gridserver. Works great except the admin session was timing out very quickly. Seems like it's a (gs)-specific problem, to fix you edit /home/xxxxxx/etc/php.ini & set session.save_path = /home/xxxxxx/data/tmp ... where xxxxxx is your MT account number. More info here:

  • We are using VM on Azure, Ubuntu, Runs great

  • DigitalOcean runs great and cheap

  • im using, is responding very well

  • Xen VPS on Virpus. Works fine.

  • Shared hosting at - we might move it when we've finished testing using Sendy, but we're impressed with both so far.

  • Actually, we found that our basic hosting ran out of resources pretty quickly when not mailing using cron. Upgrading a live database driven site is never completely straightforward, so I'd recommend spending a little more right from the start.

  • Please contact us at if you need hosting suited for Sendy.
    We've developed a tailor made environment which perfect fits for sendy.

  • I have used servers few years now. Those work excellent and support works super.
    I have setup with Debian and installed all by my self.
    Vps options are:
    Memory 3072 MB
    Storage 20 GB
    CPU cores 2 × 2.4 Ghz @ 80%

    Price tag 23eur / month

  • @markosansa

    I'm using EC2, it's not really hard to set up - as long as you're somewhat comfortable in a command line.

  • I'm using Site5. They're very affordable and reliable. I also use them for a couple small Wordpress sites I own and they've been the best share hosting provider I ever used so far. Highly recommended. (not affiliated with them, just a happy customer)

  • Using EC2 two instance one for the application ( with autoscaling ) and one for the mysql

  • Anyone used (or tried) a shared hosting provider that is using FreeBSD?

  • We are on shared hosting with & facing issues like timeout ! What is recommended

  • I have Sendy on a Xeon 3Ghz, 24Gb, 300Gb SAS Drive dedicated server simply because it needs to be reliable for me, I have over 200 brands and hundreds of thousands of members in my lists combined.

    I have a few clients who use there own install on simple 1Gb VPS on Debian 6 which run fine for lists less than 50,000.

  • Hosting on our own Unix dedicated server, an "older" Dell 2650 running CentOS 5, with updated PHP and MySQL from the Remi repo. Runs like a champ. :)

  • Is it the same price if you host Sendy on a EC2 instance in Virginia, as say, a dedicated server like MMV (Mac Mini Vault) ?

    I never switched my database over when I signed up with MMV, b/c I thought I remembered reading somewhere that its cheaper to host with EC2 in VA, saving you data transfer rates... maybe I was reading too much into it. Thinking dollars, when its actually cents.


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