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What hosting server do you use with Sendy?



  • We are using Server Mania for our hosting, cheap, and no per GB cost for bandwidth.

  • For Information: you CANNOT use Sendy on a HostGator Shared Hosting account.

    It took me ages to work out why Sendy wasn't working. Eventually I found that the Sendy cron jobs (which had been configured correctly at the start) were being changed after running for a number of hours. When I asked HostGator support I was referred to their Terms of Service (TOS) clause 7a(8) which states that you cannot run "cron entries with intervals of less than 15 minutes".

    They tell me that they have an automatic bot that will visit your account regularly and enforce the rule on any cron jobs that violate that clause. From my experience, this appears to be true.

    Because Sendy relies on exact timings to trigger the sending of mail, resetting the cron jobs will stop Sendy from accepting new subscribers.

    I guess you could try running 60 cron jobs (one a minute) plus another 20 (one every five minutes) to satisfy Sendy - but I'm guessing this would be spotted too!

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    I using sendy on Digital Ocean VPS server. Best pricing for VPS solution.

    You can check it out here >> Digital Ocean Best Cheap VPS for Sendy starting at 5$

  • @sgil, what is the 60 cron jobs for ? I know the 20 are for the autoresponder and scheduler. I'm using HostGator shared hosting. I was able to send 22K emails in 7 hours which is incredibly slow, I have 38K more subs still to be send.. I have already made up my URL like So don't know what to do now. Should have considered so that its easy to move between servers if there is a need.

  • @sgil, just run the cron every 20 minutes. Why not? Why would you want to run one every minute ---- see the 20 minutes as a pause to go through the mail and make sure you've added everything you wanted or something.

  • Whats the real advantage to use

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  • this is awesome hosting. check this out

  • Don't bother with GoDaddy shared hosting. They restrict cron jobs to every 30 minutes. They are now filtering for the workaround of setting up multiple crons with the same process. To use GoDaddy, you'd have to upgrade to at least a VPS or better.

  • why using dedicated server if we can send via amazon ses

  • @spham Amazon SES is not a 'hosting server', it's the email sending service Sendy uses to send bulk emails. This thread is about what hosting server users are using to host Sendy.

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    Hi @Ben,

    We are planning to send 3,00,000 mails per day using sendy and ses, which would be the suitable Amazon EC2 Instances.

  • @IvistaDigital For 300,000 emails, try the 'Small' instance? If you want better performance in future you can always change it to the next higher tier.

  • @Ben I use Linode 102 for send newsletters to database of 25,000 e-mails from Colombia. I choose a server in Texas (only 5 hours of this country). However, to reach those 25,000 takes me almost 3 hours, using Amazon SES U.S. East (N. Virginia). What problem can I have?

  • I use Amazon Ec2. Installed a Debian instance with 2Gb of memory. I did not install the database on that server. To the database using the RDS which is very interesting.

  • I used Elastic Beanstalk with one of the new T2.micro instances. That could not have been easier. The advantage there is that deployment of new versions is as simple as unzipping the new package into my git repository and executing 'git aws.push'.

  • I use SERVINT (, they are AMAZING. Location in the us and europe. Very reliable service and most important the BEST support i've never seen in this business (exemple : had a problem with a wordpress plugin, they investigated and fixed the php.ini file for me). Never seen a service like this before (i'm an ex hostgator client).

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    I have just got sendy running from a clean ubunti AMI to which I added LAMP server and sendy on EC2.
    I'd be happy to share my AMI once I can make a MI copy suitable for distribution. It will have all the pieces running! Just drop in your license code and set up your ses stuff (a bit involved) and you are ready to go. Not really a no brainer solution so not for novices but for those with a bit of linux command line experience and who have already starting playing around with AWS, a time saver. Works best too if you use route 53 at AWS at least on a subdomain as I did.

  • I just switched from a shared host on Media Temple to a VPS at Digital Ocean (Ubuntu 14.04 LAMP with 2Gig RAM)...and I have to say...Sendy ROCKS on a VPS! Avoid all Shared Hosts for Sendy, VPS is the way to go.

  • I am using a shared hosting:

    I'm happy, I recommend, is hosting in Spanish, but it's cheap and quick, would recommend to sendy without problems... regards...

  • I use servint for many years.
    Most reliable and fast, almost instant, support.
    Very fast servers, and they are always willing to help with tech issues and installing software.
    I highly recommend them.

  • I used Digitalocean VPS again for my new sendy server along with a FREE 10$ credit which will last you for 2 months on a 5$ plan. Check it out here for a 10$ free credit

  • @Gowtham - I agree! is great for Sendy. I'm using it on a 512mb Droplet and thats $5 a month. Thats enough to get you going with Sendy smoothly.
    They also offer a Free trial for 2 months. Use SHIPITFAST to get $10 on signup. They also have several geographic locations to choose from, you can select a location closer to your SES region for low latency.


  • Amazon EC2 on myself and some clients.

  • I've used EC2 in the past but have since moved to Mediatemple. I'm currently on a 16-core Xeon, 4GB RAM. I've got 3.0GB towards PHP. I can't seem to get past ~20k emails/hour (my SES limit is 90/s and I've got Sendy to cap at 10/s, and 20k/hr is <6/s). Monitoring shows CPU <2%, but CPU Load around .4, which is probably due to the 3MB/s outbound traffic, which might be my bottleneck. Going to run some tests to see if a smaller email will go faster (current email size is 43kb just for the HTML portion).

  • Hi Guys,
    We are using sendy on an Amazon EC2 m3 large instance sending emails to approx 200k users but sending is very slow. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to send to approximately 70% of the database, but then sending is grinding to a standstill and only sending a few thousand per hour, so is taking about 24 hours to send email completely. It previously was slow taking about 10 hours to send but this delay has been happening in last couple of weeks.

    From the forums, it seems to suggest that slow sending is caused by CPU memory limit being reached. Would anyone know if this would be the cause of the slow down, and have any suggestions? And would I be better using a memory intensive R3 instance type?


  • Ronan- do you know how much memory you have allocated to PHP (and how much total system memory you have)?

  • The best for me is Digital Ocean. The 5$ host is enough. Width these link you can get 10$ discount.

  • Hi TexasJohn,

    We have a xlarge EC2 server with allocated memory of 7000M. Sendy have set up our application and hosting. It is now taking 2 days to send an email, where we should be able to send 90 per second.


  • Hi @ronan,

    Your Amazon EC2 server was setup in 'N. Virginia' region, but you're using Amazon SES in 'Ireland' region. The distances between your EC2 server and SES servers are very far apart causing high latency. You should be using Amazon SES in 'N. Virginia' region, so that when emails are transferred from your Amazon EC2 server in 'N. Virginia' to Amazon SES in 'N. Virginia', latency is the lowest.

    Best regards,

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