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What hosting server do you use with Sendy?



  • BenBen
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    Hi @scooke,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I just want to clarify a few points for the sake of other users:

    If you are unsure about how to set Sendy up (and this probably means setting up a server in general is a challenge), then DO is great for the many tutorials and forum help available

    There is no need to install your own server if you don't want or don't know how unless you want to install Sendy on a 'Cloud' server like Amazon EC2, Digital Ocean or Linode etc. Otherwise you can use any hosting servers from any company that are already up and running, eg. MediaTemple, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostmonster etc etc.

    Using your domain's email address means all kind of trickery to get it set up and approved on SES

    That is not true, there's no need for any kind of "trickery" at all.

    Verifying a domain in SES is only a matter of adding one TXT record in your domain's DNS. That's it. If you don't want to verify your domain, you can verify just the 'From email' you want to use which is straightforward and easier.


    Best regards,

  • Here's a post we wrote basis our experience of hosting Sendy with several web hosting services. Over the past 1 year, we have sent more than 18 million emails and got to engage with more than 1.2 million people as a result of those email campaigns.

    In fact, with Sendy, our cost per engagement with a customer was just $0.002 per email.

    We have mentioned our process of choosing the right host over here: . We hope you find this post helpful.

    Image of Sendy - BlogMeHow


  • We used to use Sendy on shared hostgator shared, but the cron jobs limit was an issue. Initially thought the best way to go is to use all Amazon, so SES for email and EC2 for server, but the learning curve was too steep. I was recommended to and we have a shared account, no issues with CRON and used regular shared hosting, they are really good in terms of service too and really know their stuff. Haven't tried yet with 2.04 version. We are sneidng 25-50k every second day via SES N. Virginia

  • If someone could produce a tutorial on how to setup Sendy in an cloud instance. I think that would help answer a large number of peoples questions here. Including mine.

  • I have been using Sendy on shared Hostgator account for a long time and have not faced any issue yet. I have set up the cron jobs on a third party free website because Hostgator doesn't allow to run cron jobs below every 15 minutes.

  • People are talking about Linode a lot here, I am not good a setting up clouds - is there something online that talks about how to do this for people only use to WHM and dedicated Linux / ubunto ?

  • DigitalOcean all the way!

  • i using digitalocean basic $5 per month hosting ,i have 70,000 list, it very simple ,just choose create droplet ,using image lamps ,and follow the guide from developer sendy ,with some article of digitalocean ,should be no big problem host a clean server, untill now i very happy about the perform ,when sending 70,000 list ,the cpu load around 35 to 40 %.

  • Amazon EC2 micro instance because other services were already running there.

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    I am using digital ocean as my sendy server. I am very satisfied with their service. And you can easily upgrade the server if you wanted to send more emails in the future and Their vps server are very easy to setup. Sign up here : and get 10$ free credit.

  • @Gowtham, @plsharevme : I'm using digitalocean with centos 6.7 ( webserver, php, mysql, phpmyadmin ) . But it's often show error "400 bad request".

    Can you help me ?

  • Another Digital Ocean-er, here. is my referral link if you want $10 (two months on the cheapest package).

    I'm using Ubuntu as I wanted a couple of packages that are more recent than Debian's currently providing.

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    Hello people! Beyond commenting what is the best hosting provider for Sendy, I'd rather ask what are the best PHP parameters for higher performance.

    Let's assume you have a neat VPS, yes, a VPS, shared with a couple other domains but with a cpu load lower than 0.7, with 4 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD disk. PHP 5.6. MySQL 5.6. Apache 2.4.18. Now the cron task may be affected by some PHP params, like:

    • memory_limit = 256M
    • max_execution_time = 180
    • max_input_time = 180
    • max_input_vars = 15000
    • implicit_flush = off
    • mysql.connect_timeout = 60
    • post_max_size = 64M

    What of these values would you recommend to change in order to be able to send 1 million emails per day thru different Sendy brands in the same install?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Any experience running with Cloudways?

    Cloudways is a cloud service provider that install custom templates
    on the platforms of different providers (Amazon, Google, Digital Ocean and others)
    however they spend several parts of their website explaining that they have a platform
    to increase webs apps performance using Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, so I was wondering
    if using these apps may affect positively or adversely to a installation.

  • Serverpilot works with EC2, I personally haven't tried it but just did a ServerPilot/ Sendy install on DigitalOcean. Took me about 15 minutes.

    If you do use ServerPilot, be aware of:

  • I use HostGator. Not working well at all. They only want 500 messages going out each hour (unless I buy the $89 a monnth plan) and Sendy get's "hung up" even just sending 275 emails.

    As for easy of setting anything up, check out fiveer, odesk, or elance for assistance. That is what I did/am doing

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    When choosing a hosting service there are many thing to consider of course.

    Crons must be set at 1minute in order to schedule messages for your auto responders. (there is a post on this forum regarding crons options)

    How many emails the service allows per hour (HostGator, Blue host (are both owned by the same company) and godaddy packages) most often won't let you send out more than 500 (HostGator) an hour/

    If you don't like or want to set up the system yourself, there are there hosting services that include the sendy license you've paid for (or programmers you can pay to install it for you on fiveer and elance) that will set it up for you and/or configure the updates that Sendy offers. Sendy will install their program for you, once at $79

    What else have you found important when choosing a hosting service (I am also figuring out which one to move my list to)

  • @MariaMarsala

    I use HostGator. Not working well at all. They only want 500 messages going out each hour

    Sendy sends emails via Amazon SES API, not via your server. So your host's email sending limits does not apply. It's your Amazon SES daily sending limit that matters when using Sendy. To be able to send however many emails you want per day, request Amazon to raise your daily sending limit to any number you need by filling up this form (login required).

    Best regards,

  • @MariaMarsala
    Yes hostgator sending limits doesnot apply to sendy as it uses amazon ses servers for sending emails.

    We use Digitalcoean servers. You can try them for free for 1 st month here
    If you wanted a managed vps server for sendy you can try out this sendylabs,com service.
    Hope that helps.

  • Just purchased and setup sendy today on a 2GB Linode KVM VPS with CentOS 7 and on Centmin Mod LEMP stack installer with Nginx 1.9.10 HTTP/2 SSL based + PHP 7.0.3 + MariaDB 10.0.23 + CSF Firewall :D

    thanks @Ben for the awesome work - pretty much flawless setup - wouldn't hurt to throw in a few pretty default or set of templates for sign up forms though or default preset basic no frills HTML template :)

  • @Ben Bought Sendy recently, and wondering about which hosting to go with.. I have limited/average knowledge with hosting on a VPS, and familiar with WHM and Cpanel.. I would like to go with Linode.. But using the terminal is new for me..

    Would I get any help with Linode hosting from you..?? Or is there a paid option through linode experts (here) to get my hosting set up ? I can do the domain forwarding etc myself.. Just need my Linode hosting for sendy set up..

  • @AraA Yes I provide installation service for setup of Linode server + Sendy. Email me at and I'll send you the details. Thanks.

  • I have sendy running on a free OpenShift account. It was super easy to setup and it's free! Here's a tutorial I wrote about how to do it your self. Should take you about 10 min to setup.

  • Running Sendy on a quad-core 3.3ghz dedicated server with 16GB of ram and two hard drives (1x solid state 120GB for system files and 1x 500GB SATA for regular files. Super-slick box with almost nothing on it except Sendy.

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    I have optimized VPS with 4GB RAM + 4GB Swap + SSD + MariaDB etc... for Sendy and no issues sending 28 mail/sec. My VPS also create backups and send to S3 every other day. If you need I can create a hosting package for you and share with you.. Contact me @mustafa or via Twitter: @mustafaerdinc

  • My client I installed Sendy for is using a shared plan at Network Solutions. I would avoid them like the plague. Awful support and slow as molasses speeds in running scripts. Nothing but trouble since we installed, and pretty much none of it is Sendy's fault! The software is brilliant, it's the details that'll kill you :)

  • Hi,

    I would like to present a new Sendy Host service:

    Some key features (apart of everything that Sendy already offers):

    • Possibility to get an account on a shared sendyhost, with emails already included. The easiest way to start with sendy.
    • Compatible with other smtp services: mandrill, mailgun and others. (Ask if you need another one).
    • Get your own private Sendy Host with managed hosting.
    • Focus on security and backups. We provide Hourly Backups.
    • We have made some fixes to the core of Sendy (related to PHP7 and UTF8 languages like Spanish, already reported to Ben so the fix will be for everyone soon).
    • We speak Spanish and English, so support can be offered on both languages.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Best regards

    Ángel from SendyHost

  • I use a vps with wired tree. all good so far.

  • Working fine with Digital Ocean for me.

  • I am using cloud hosting from hostgator. I haven't seen any issue yet

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