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What hosting server do you use with Sendy?



  • which one is cheaper and reliable? amazon EC2 or Digital ocean? I don't have much subscirbers yet.

  • Both are reliable, but it will depend on you ability to keep them updated and secure.
    Maybe Digital Ocean is cheaper on the long run but EC2 is free for one year, so...
    That is the main reason we founded for people that do not want to worry about that stuff. :)

  • I have recently install Sendy on Cloudways having DigitalOcean as my default server. You can use the same guide to install Sendy on cloud or VPS servers.

  • I use a small SSD VPS Server from Brontobytes

  • Dreamhost on a shared server. But I'm having some issues with cron :(

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    Follow-up for dreamhost users: If sending is slow, you need to get a VPS for $15/month. Then follow their instructions to make a phprc file ( and use these settings:

    max_execution_time = 300

    max_input_time = -1

    memory_limit = 512M

    upload_max_filesize = 2M

    post_max_size = 2M

  • Punted on dreamhost and moved to Digital Ocean.

  • I have recently moved my Sendy to Works perfect 28mail/sec.

  • I am using Siteground - biggest problem I had was with Sitegrounds cron restriction - cron job can run just twice an hour!

    Rather than using an external cron for autoresponders.php, I opted to modify the code so that it could be run once and hour (on the hour) via cron. The below small change to autoresponders.php enables it to be run just once an hour and sends out all email scheduled within the previous hour. Basically, email can be delayed by up to 1 hour, but ok for me. My main use case for sendy is autoresponder for selling digital subscription from my site.

    //if join date matches autoresponder options

    $check_time = $time - $join_date_with_tc;

    /if($time == $join_date_with_tc)/

    if($check_time >= 1 && $check_time <= 3600)

  • Proxmox LXC container with ZFS as storage. It is extremely fast.

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    I have tested Digital Ocean 20$ and 40$ droplets also Amazon T2.Medium Ubuntu, T2.Micro AMI instance.

    Here are some result of test for 10,000 emails with Amazon AWS 200 emails/sec rate

    • Digital Ocean 20$ Droplets: - 15Min
    • Digital Ocean 40$ Droplets: - 15Min
    • Amazon Ubuntu T2.Medium instance - 7 Min
    • Amazon Linux Ami T2.Micro instance - 7Min.

    So here what i thinks, first Amazon Linux Ami t2.micro instance's sendy email sending speed is very fast since it is their own custom build system.

    To have same sending speed on Amazon Ubuntu, i had to use t2.Medium instance with 2cpu, 4Gb ram.

    For both Digital Ocean droplets, even their performances are different, i got same sending time, i checked CPU, RAM usage but it seems their CPU usage never gets higher then 50%.

    in conclusion, you could go with amazon t2.micro linux AMI instance with one year free plan, instead of paying 20$, 40$ each month and you will still get high sending rate.

    My actual sending rate max was 23 ( 10000 / (7 * 60) ) emails per second with AWS 200 per sec rate configured.

    For future maybe, we need to resolve how to use CPU at their maximum performance for burstable instance in order to approach same actual and permitted sending rate.

  • An addition to my post re: using bitnami lamp stack on amazon ec2 t2.micro size.

    I asked Amazon SES to increase my send rate from 20 to 50 per second and the t2.micro seems capable of keeping up with this rate towards SES and has definitely decreased the time it takes to send a campaign out.

    So EC2 t2.micro seems like a usesable cheap option for Sendy.

  • I'm using EC2 Free Tier with Docker and Caddy as the Web Server which includes free HTTPS

  • I am hosting Sendy on Digital Ocean Droplet managed by Cloudways. I am hosting one Wordpress blog, one Woocommerce site and Sendy on the same server. All these three apps are installed on 2GB DO server managed by cloudways. I pay $34 for the server.

  • I had a miserable time with the cronjob not working properly on an older DreamHost VPS. Per advice here, I upgraded to the latest $15/mo VPS server which for my needs, has more CPU, memory, and disk space than I could ever possibly use. The migration took about an hour or more (fully automated) and now Sendy behaves like a champ. Was able to send nearly 7,000 emails in an hour. Incredible!

  • You can consult the company on, Its one of the best for low price server and it gives you sendy installed.

  • Hi @Ben, Please suggest a hosting for sending emails to 100K/day. Amazon EC2 or any other providers.

  • Using VPS and its super amazing.

  • LINODE with Serverpilot

  • inMotion VPS

  • We use Sendy on Amazon EC2 its great and we are using it from 3 Years, its great I tell you you should use it.

  • does the trick for me !

  • I'm using FastComet ( on a $6/mo plan. It's pretty good!

  • DigitalOcean, $5/month and very easy to set up with this tutorial:

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    @glaive99 - Wow thanks for that, I'm reading up on it. Do you happen to have a tutorial for Amazon EC2? I so want to install it there but I'm blank on how to do it having been used to Siteground's Cpanel and File Manager!

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    Latest Heroku installation instructions here:

    I got this working on a free heroku instance today, with the help of the existing community documentation. I edited/updated the gist based on my installation experience

  • Although I got sendy "working" on heroku, I don't think full functionality is possible due to heroku's 'ephemeral' filesystem. anything in /uploads may be destroyed upon dyno cycling. also, getting /uploads to remain set to 777 has been a non-trivial problem. I am looking into alternative server hosting now.

  • I'm sorry for the multiple posts. Heroku was not a good match. I ended up with a working installation on DigitalOcean. I spent a few days recording and retesting my install notes and documented them all here: . The guide includes a DigitalOcean signup link that will give you $100 credit.

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