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What hosting server do you use with Sendy?



  • If you are looking for a low cost high performance Linux solution we recommend Digital Ocean. Plans start at $5 a month and the storage is solid state, SSD. You can start with a $5 instance and scale as needed. The $5 instance only has 512M of memory, so make sure you enable swap. Since the storage is SSD the swap is very fast.

  • If you are searching for an economical VPS server with locations near Amazon's SES servers.. Then go for ( ) server .. 1 node starts at 14$ only.. Cloud setup instantly and goes live in minutes.. I am using it for my SES account with sending limit of 500 email/sec .. works fine for me.. Check out plans here : ;

  • Please find our unlimited All-in auto updated pre-installed dedicated Sendy hosting offer here :

  • iThomes, interesting hosting plan indeed, but can you tell us more about performance in term of max send rate expectation ? For example right now my theoretical Amazong - Max send rate is 28 per sec , but I got "only" 5 per sec on my current hosting (EC2)

  • Hi crystalasia, please feel free to test-use our environment. We increase our dedicated infrastructure in function of the usage by our customers. If you would like to have a 14-days trial account, please contact me.

  • I've just got myself up and running on AWS with a T1.Micro instance of the Amazon Linux AMI.

  • Softlayer. Excellent as expected but not cheap.

  • Im using Godaddy shared hosting. Runs fine with Sendy, the cron job can be setup also. but its slow (to do with Godaddy, not Sendy ). For me its OK as I just have it running in the background and its OK the sending takes a while.

  • I use digital ocean @ $5 / month and it works amazing :)

  • Hi @ iThomas, Can i get a 14-days trial account to try sendy on??

  • Mediatemple. Sendy works smooth as a wistle.

  • We are using DigitalOcean with the cheapest $5 plan. Working wonderfully.

  • Deployed on Jelastic @ ServInt. What a breeze!

  • Successfully deployed on Heroku on a free tier ($0 per month).
    I wrote a guide if anybody is interested.

  • It works on OVH shared hosting (but requires an external cron tool)

  • I use it on 1and1 dedicated server with superb results. / before this used it on 1and1 Dynamic Cloud server with great results as well.

  • We use Linode with Ubuntu 12.04 running Nginx. After a little tweaking of the server config and ini files, every work perfect even the previews.

  • dreamhost shared plan
    NO P at all

  • ben using linode what plan would you recommend if you have a 20k list and mail out 1-2 times a day max

  • @syanide Try 1GB tier first (I guess should be good enough). If you need better performance then scale up to 2GB tier.

  • Heroku here as well. It's freaking fast.

  • KnownHost... unparalleled customer service and support

  • It may be helpful if people shared list size and performance, as well as what hosting provider they use?

    I'm using small EC2 with small RDS from Amazon. Seeing consistent 50-60% cpu usage at "idle" with 120k in list.

  • tmzVPS - a managed VPS - 2GB with solid state drives. Lists as yet too small to gauge performance or resource usage but my experience of comparable application is that they are very fast. Support at the first tier can be patchy - but at higher levels of escalation they are excellent.

    That said Sendy seems a very easy application to host - so long as the amazon services can connect through the firewall it just seems to work. So most hosts, so long as you can either get them to tweak firewall settings (including ModSecurity) or whitelist ip's yourself I can't see the issue.

    It would be interesting to see more posts such as the one above this from youngstudio with resource utilisation requirements for given list sizes.

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    Personally. I Use a Kimsufi Dedicated server (Atom) for £12/month.

    Its: DualCore, 500gb HD, Unlimited Bandwidth on 100Mbp/s Up/Dwn Fibre.
    Distro is Ubuntu Server. Panel is Webmin/Virtualmin. ->

    Sendy doesn't even touch 1% of its potential.

    PS-7 Atom ™ N2800 2c / 4t 1.86 GHz + 4GB 2x 500GB 100 Mbps / 128 13 , 00 € HT

  • I'm running it on a Debian LEMP VPS droplet on digitalocean. Its really fast and 5$/month.

  • Hi Guys !
    We are still offering Sendy Hosting on the best infrastructure.
    Please find our unlimited All-in auto-updated pre-installed dedicated Sendy hosting offer on our new website :

    We have a lot a good references of satisfied customers and are happy to offer you a 14days trial if needed.

    Best Regards

  • We are using linode 1024 with list of 50k+ subscribers, sending e-mails once a week. Works like a charm.

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