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What hosting server do you use with Sendy?



  • Hi, @Ben

    I'm using a m3.large EC2 with t2.small RDS. Everything on N. Virginia region. I wanna send close to 90/s that is my send rate on SES. But actually, I just can send nearly 150k in 14h of process. I already increased PHP memory limit to 7Gb. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • I'm currently using KVC Hosting - SSD Unlimited C Package. So far I've had no problems, although I must say my lists are not very big yet (less than 2k emails). My webpages and blogs are also hosted on that account.

    I asked their customer support if their servers supported Sendy before buying and installing it on my account, and this was their response: "Yes our servers are compatible with this application. You can install it." So if any of you is looking for a good, cheap shared hosting for Sendy, give KVC a try (although they do have VPS packages too):

  • Currently I'm using Sendy on a VPS from (it is $3/month), just to play with the platform.

  • edited December 2014 is better... Working fine!

  • +1 for Digitalocean. $5/month and you get an SSD server with pre-configured images. Personally I run on Nginx. Sendy next to my websites.

  • I use Hostdime. I tested a lot of hosts during the years, you name it: Hostgator, LiquidWeb, Digital Ocean, Inmotion, Justhost, etc... and by far, HostDime is the best. We use dedicated servers, the price can be a little higher, but if you need consistency and reliability, that´s is a company I recommend. That´s it.

  • I'm currently using it on and for a client. Both working in a great way so far.

  • We are still offering Sendy Hosting on the best infrastructure.
    Please find our unlimited All-in auto-updated pre-installed dedicated Sendy hosting offer on our new website :

    We have a lot a good references of satisfied customers and are happy to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not 100% happy with our service.

    Best Regards


  • We were using hostgator baby plan with a small list without a problem, but we then started using for the main business (160k subscribers) and hostgator could not handle it. It took 3 days to send the first campaign and it blocked us on the second campaign (2 weeks later) for using too much resource. We are moving over to linode 1GB to start and will let people know if we need to move to 2GB.

  • Using a cloud VPS, perfectly happy with it and all restrictions are normally lifted with such an account.

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    I'm using a Linode 1GB plan and have no issues sending to lists of 15K plus.

    I'm assuming that it's mostly the send rate that contributes to resource usage, not as much list size. So I thought I'd post some screenshots of my resource usage at 14/emails a second so new users could see what load to expect. Obviously at 10:40 is when the sending started. Even with Sendy running the server is very functional and if I didn't know it was running, I probably wouldn't even notice the minimal speed slowdown.

    CPU Use
    Network /Disk Use

  • Hi,

    I am looking for a reliable hosting that is both economical and efficient. Could you please recommend one?

    my plan:
    about 400K subscribers
    1M emails per month

    I have read a lot about Amazon EC2 which seems to be a very good deal, but there are some issues that put me off a little bit. For example some users are dealing with really slow sending via EC2.

    I am looking for an option that allows me to send 50-100 emails / sec ... is it even possible?

    Thank you.

  • BenBen
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    @Ymmies Amazon EC2 servers aren't slow, it depends what tier you're using and what region versus the SES region you're using (both must be the same region for optimal speed).

    There're many recommendations here you can look at.


    Best regards,

  • We at EasySendy, use DigitalOcean droplets, hosted near to US.
    They are quite fast and reliable.

  • I use a small Cloud Server from Brontobytes

  • We use VPS from Softlayer. Performs great!

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    At we focus on Sendy without SES using optimized SMTP servers in the same DC as the Sendy Application Server, bounce handling included.
    Free 1000 deliveries if you want to check it out.

  • +1 for Hostgator.
    I would recommend the VPS however over the shared options. Tech Support is excellent. I often use the online chat and they are happy to help on lots of issues. I have also tried Rackspace (dropped because way too expensive and Dreamhost (tech support only via slowish email and my Wordpress sites seemed to get hacked far too often). Never had any issue with Hostgator.

  • what aws ec2 instance type is suitable for 90/sec or higher? please recommend instance type.

  • I'm using digitalocean $5 plan, Sendy runs a fine.
    But seems like my max send rate now is about 1 email per every 3 second. (although my SES rate is 14 email/sec).
    tried to upgrade to $20 plan, but only made Sendy run faster, but not the send rate.

  • @bigjimmy Sending speed depends on a number of factors. Please see → to learn about sending speed.

  • Godaddy shared hosting, 50,000 mail recipient limit with Amazon web services, takes 24 hours to send to 40.000 subscribers but its usually all good.

  • I am suing it on a Centos 6.64 Linux box at

  • I am running Sendy in a VPS with 2GB RAM together with my other websites and the sending rate is very low. I cannot reach my SES sending rate of 14 emails/sec. I am trying to send 46K emails but after 8hours, it has just sent 9K (still continuing). In php.ini, I already set this to 1GB.

    Do you have any suggestions on the settings that I need to update on my VPS?

  • Hi!

  • We are on Knownhost SSD hosting

  • I have a reseller account with Hostgator. I don't have a large list yet, so sending isn't an issue.

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    I simply couldn't get the cron jobs to run reliably in my hosting VPS - they have a very strict security model that was not compatible with sendy.

    So I created the following to run my list of almost 3,000 members using sendy and SES.

    Amazon EC2 Instance N. Virginia.

    t2.micro free instance for 1 year. Can get 1Gb RAM if you choose the HVM version of Bitnami.

    Using the Bitnami HVM AMI


    Use System Log under Actions in the AWS console to see the root password that is echoed at startup. This will allow you access to mysql to create the sendy database etc.

    I created a new subdomain for sendy so the EC2 instance just handles the subscribe/unsubscribe and sends the emails to SES when sendy runs. Left my blog at my existing site name. Sendy license worked just fine in new subdomain without needing to ask for an update.

    I installed adminer as I can't stand phpmyadmin anymore. (

    This is what my crontab entries look like

    */5 * * * * /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php //opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/MYINSTALL/scheduled.php > /dev/null 2>&1

    */5 * * * * /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php //opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/MYINSTALL/autoresponders.php > /dev/null 2>&1

    I just tar'red up my sendy install and used ssh copy to move it and adminer to export the DB and import it back again on the new site.

    I underestimated how important a well functioning cron is to sendy - you have to have one for sendy to work properly. EC2 gives you so much more freedom to control your server now compared to a locked down hosting environment. Mind you, you are responsible for the security of it all now.

    So anyway it works well enough. Not spectacularly fast, only around 2 sent a second but that is enough for me for now. I can send up to 14 a second apparently but so far seeing nothing like that.

    I have normally around a dozen links in each email so Sendy has to create a unique link for each one for each user and send them each to SES so perhaps that is slowing it down.

    Compared to paying $30 a month to mailchimp, sendy and SES are a much better option. Especially for a low volume list - and for a year for free with AWS.

    So that is my story. Interested to hear if others are achieving a higher send rate with t2.micro on EC2 ?

  • Another Digital Ocean user here, using the $10 plan, running Ubuntu 14.04, Apache, MySQL, and virtual hosts for the Sendy domain. If you are unsure about how to set Sendy up (and this probably means setting up a server in general is a challenge), then DO is great for the many tutorials and forum help available. I would add that using an existing email lessens the challenge: Using your domain's email address means all kind of trickery to get it set up and approved on SES, but using an existing email (like iCloud,com or is much simpler since all you need to do is get approved on SES, and approving an email address you already use is easier than trying to get the other stuff set up and sorted out.

  • One more comment - I would aim to choose a server and stick with it. I appreciate the comments to use the EC2 instance for free for a year, but if you think you will switch away from that after a year, reconsider. Just pay for that EC2 instance. If you are sure you would switch away, then just choose another VPS service right now get used to it, set it up, with Sendy, and then stick with it. Otherwise, you spend a lot of time getting things set up, troubleshooting, tweaking... and then when the year is up you have to do it again but on another platform with likely different specs and challenges. If you have time to spare, then go for it and switch away. If time is precious, learn on one server once. If you are like me you'll forget all the magical things you had to do in the first place to get everything up and running anyway when you go to do it again a year later.

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